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The charitable organization PHILIPPINISCHE KINDERHILFE E.V.

was founded in 1989 by Christoph Poppen in order to help impoverished children in the Philippines. It exclusively supports other, pre-existing local projects in the Philippines which have proven their integrity and which need financial support. The reliability of these projects and institutions is monitored regularly by partners of the Philippinische Kinderhilfe E.V. in the Philippines.

It is estimated that about 1.5 million homeless children live on the streets in the Philippines, including 70,000 in the capital of Manila. This figure does not include the innumerable families who are living at the lowest edge of an existential minimum. Logically, all these children suffer in particular from a lack of education.

The following projects have been supported by Philippinische Kinderhilfe E.V. in recent years:

Malibay Elementary School, Manila

A private school for children from poor families

Center for Migrant Youth, Manila

A privately run institution where young homeless people find shelter and education.

Don Bosco School Manila

Parian Drop-in Center for Street Children

A daycare for homeless children which provides food and nutrition

Circle of Life Community School der Lotus-Stiftung auf der Insel Mindanao 

All helpers of Philippinische Kinderhilfe E.V. work on a volunteer basis. Thus we ensure that every donation goes entirely to the children and young people in need.

In Germany donations to Philippinische Kinderhilfe E.V. are tax deductible. We, on behalf of impoverished children and families, are grateful for any support.


Bank account:

Account No 1248661800
BLZ 43060967 (GLS BANK)

IBAN DE02 4306 0967 1248661800


Philippinische Kinderhilfe E.V.

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